Client Testimonials


I have known Stephanie for years and what always impresses me is the depth of her knowledge in her field and desire to continuously improve her learnings and techniques. Stephanie is a very sociable, caring and non-judgmental person who will put you at ease and give her best for you at every session.

~Amélie, Brighton UK

Stephanie Gallon is a truely intuitive Reiki master. She works through on the deepest level. She not only helped me physically but on a very deep emotional level dealing with past issues that had been buried and letting them be healed from the strongest possible spiritual place.

From the session I had with her anger buried from the past surfaced and evaporated. I came to her feeling stressed tired and exhausted as I suffer from Non Alcoholic fatty Liver and depression and left feeling rejuvenated. Stephanie impressed me so much on this first session with her that i want to book my reki 2 and mastership with her. She made me feel calm and peaceful and healed me to the core of my being. Anyone working with Stephanie will be truly blessed.

~Annmarie Hughes – Brighton


I experienced EFT with Stephanie on two different occasions. I wanted to address a work related issue then a more personal matter, both of which causing me a great deal of anxiety. I have to say I was very impressed with the results and my ability to cope after doing EFT. Steph is very compassionate, she let me talk about the issues first, asked some questions and made some notes, then took me through the process which was very easy to follow. I would definitely recommend anyone give Stephanie’s EFT sessions a try!

~A- Brighton

Stephanie is a beautiful, compassionate practioner. She holds a warm, safe and supported space. She has deep experience, insight and intuition which she has used confidently and steadily to guide me in areas of trauma; helping me create clarity out of confusion, confidence and understanding out of pain, allowing for cognitive shifts and gentle but powerful aha moments. Thank you for your wise, aware, loving presence Stephanie xx

~L- Devon