Stephanie Gallon

Mindset Mentor and Transformational Coach

  • Are you feeling unsatisfied with your life, uninspired, unsure of what your calling is or the next step in your life should be?
  • Do you keep on running into the same situations over and over again, feeling like there is always something or someone stopping you from experiencing the success and the life you truly deserve?
  • Are you just getting by, wondering how you are going to manage the next crisis, putting on a brave face but secretly feeling you have little power in changing anything?
Well I have been there and I know unsettling and scary all this can feel! You’re welcome to read my about section to find out a little more about this. What I can tell you is… it doesn’t have to be this way! You can take your personal power back, learn to build healthy relationships, attract the opportunities you need so you can design a life of your choosing and have it all! Fall in love with your self and your life again… ❤️
As a Mindset Mentor and a Transformational Coach, I’m here to support you with love and compassion in this time of change and use Emotional Freedom Techniques, Reiki, Meditation, Guided Visualization and Hypnosis to help you heal from the past, develop a winning mentality so you can make happiness your habit and live a life of purpose and passion!
So if you are ready to turn a new leaf, shine on and say yes to you and your dreams, act now!
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Much Love

Stephanie Gallon